It takes on the audience with voice, gesture, mimics, rhythm, wit and a few hints of pain.

– Wall Street International

As Maria Cassi arrives on stage, her strong energy, her contagious smile and her captivating conversation immediately ensnare the audience.


The actress who conquered Paris with laughter.

– Corriere della Sera

Maria Cassi reminds of a character from a fairy tale.

– Io Donna

She is an acrobat, a clown, a mime and a comedian with the ability to write ironic and funny texts, deprived of any grossness. She is classic, ancient, eternal.

– L’Espresso

Artistically speaking, she is a strange sort of animal, a mix between Paolo Panelli, Bice Valori and Dario Fo.

– L’Unità

Maria Cassi, the funniest.

– Elle

Her performance is fantastic.

– Le Monde

A burst of pure theatre.

– Il Tirreno